This is the full text of NormalCity’s instance-wide server rules. Moderators of individual communities are encouraged to set more restrictive rules where necessary. These are simply to unify the disparate communities that live here under one set of sidewide rules. Regardless, all communities and members operating here are subject to these rules, and NormalCity administrators will take action where it is deemed necessary.

NCL Rules

1. No NSFW Content

Not Safe for Work (NSFW), adult content, and other forms of obscene material are strictly prohibited. This applies to federated content based on moderator discretion.

2. No Political Communities

While some topics will naturally lead to a more divisive discussion, communities overtly focused on politics are not allowed. This does not apply to federated content or the content of instance users as individuals.

3. No Illegal Content

Illegal content and links to illegal content are not allowed. Discussion of illegal content is generally allowable as long as it is genuinely separate from and does not directly reference it.

4. No Spam

Spam is disallowed. While NormalCity will allow local communities to set their own rules on what constitutes spam, purposeful misuse of this instance in such a way that leads to excess server strain or harm to users may result in administrative action.

5. Mod Discretion

Both moderators and administrators at NormalCity have complete discretion in dealing with offending users. In essence, differing opinions between mods/admins on rules are allowed, so long as an attempt is made to interpret said rules in their plain meaning. Furthermore, community moderators have the ability and responsibility to make their own rules, so long as they do not conflict with these instance rules.