This set of rules functions as a subset of the instance-wide rules. These Unified Community Rules are not enforced against all users or communities on the site but are instead the rulebook by which communities I moderate will be judged. The aforementioned instance-wide rules are the ones that apply to the whole instance; the below rules only apply to specific communities that I control. If you were linked to these rules, the community you are participating in is likely subject to these rules.

EP’s Unified Community Rules

1. Instance-wide Rules Apply

These rules, like the rules of all communities on this instance, inherit the restrictions of the instance-wide rules. You can read the full rules here. In short, no NSFW, no illegal content, and no spam.

2. Off-topic Content

Posts and comments must pertain to the topic of the community in some fashion.

3. Harassment

Unwanted comments or posts directed against another user or group of users are not allowed. This includes slurs used in a derogatory context, hateful content, off-topic political commentary, etc.

4. Spam

Posts and comments created in the interest of mass marketing, repeatedly advertising a product or service, malicious intentions, or manipulating the community are prohibited. Occasionally linking to monetized personal projects is fine, but large-scale advertising is not.

5. Mod Discretion

Moderators in communities where these rules are active have full discretion in dealing with offending users. Moderators must use a plain-meaning interpretation of the rules when performing their duties. In essence, differing opinions between moderators on rules are allowed as long as an attempt is made to interpret said rules in their plain meaning.

6. Content Removal and Rule Enforcement

Moderators will remove rule-breaking content at their discretion. If any content is removed, the poster will be notified via message. The message will also contain a basic description of which rules were violated. If a user is in gross violation of these rules or frequently violates them, their account may be banned from that community. Offending users will never be banned from multiple communities subject to these rules, assuming the offense occurred in a single community. Administrative actions by the admins of NormalCity may be taken if a user breaks sitewide rules (see the top of this post for a link).